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http://www.mezrano.com/caraccidents Have you or someone you love been injured in a car wreck due to no fault of your own? Here’s five important things you can do if you’ve been involved in a car wreck.

Steven Mezrano is a Personal Injury Attorney in Birmingham AL with the Mezrano Law Firm in the Homewood area. They specialize as personal injury lawyers for car wrecks, truck wrecks or 18 wheelers, wrongful death suits, nursing home abuse, uninsured motorist claims, and much more.

Here are the 5 Things You Need to Know Following a Car Accident:

1. Get a Police Report Immediately – Having a police report documents what happened during the accident.

2. Take Pictures of the Accident Scene and Get Witnesses – If you are injured in the car accident and unable to take pictures, ask a friend or relative to go back to the scene, get names, numbers, take pictures of buildings etc.

3. Seek Medical Attention – You may not feel bad after the car wreck because of the adrenalin. Make sure you go to the doctor immediately. Whip lash injuries are long lasting and life altering.

4. Hire an Independent Claims Adjuster to Look at your Vehicle – Get an independent appraisal to make sure you get the most for your vehicle.

5. Hire a Qualified, Experienced Personal Injury Attorney like Mezrano Law Firm to represent your rights. It’s important to work with someone that knows the ins and outs of dealing with the insurance companies and help you get the best settlement possible.

Know your rights and find a professional lawyer to help you defend them.

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