Reasons to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney Utah

If you’ve been accused of a crime, it’s a great idea to hire a professional criminal defense attorney in Utah. You can represent yourself in a courtroom but it’s not advisable because you’ll probably have a higher possibility of facing a jail term. Criminal offense is normally associated with high penalties. Benefits of a criminal defense attorney Utah are valuable because they have enough knowledge about the ins and outs of the legal process. These lawyers strive to excel in your case thus protecting your rights.

It’s a good idea to hire a criminal attorney as soon as possible to prevent any mistakes that can jeopardize your criminal case. This clearly shows that a criminal attorney in Salt Lake City Utah will assist you from the start of the ordeal to the end. Below are reasons to hire a criminal defense attorney Utah.

1. You’ll Save Your Money

A more experienced criminal lawyer will always save a huge amount of money l, especially in the long run. Their experience and skills will reduce your sentence which will concurrently help you to retain your professional license and keep your job. Representing yourself can lead to the loss of a job as well as a professional license because you’ll probably commit some mistakes. This may cost you a lot because you’ll not have time to perform your day to day time or other beneficial investments.

2. Assess Law Enforcement Conduct

An average individual won’t have an actual understanding of the legal limits. Law enforcement can go beyond their limit when obtaining evidence from a criminal case. Experienced criminal defense attorneys have enough knowledge about the nuances of proper procedure. This helps them to identify any loopholes and blind spots in a criminal case thus enhancing your chances of winning the case. Hire a defense attorney as soon as possible so as to prevent police officers from violating your rights. Improper handling of a criminal case investigation can lead to dismissals because the evidence will be thrown away.

3. Legal Expertise and Knowledge

The prominent advantage of hiring an expert criminal defense attorney is the expertise needed in a crime scene. Professional lawyers have enough skills in the ins and outs of a legal system. A certified attorney has studied various aspects of the criminal justice system. This helps them handle well all the cases related to their area of specialization. Utah criminal defense lawyers are licensed thus showing how credible they’ll be in dealing professionally with your case. Their knowledge, experience, and expertise help them build a strong case in which concurrently helps you win the case.

4. Prevents Heavy Penalties

A professional criminal lawyer in Utah will make sure all your rights are well protected from the beginning to the end. Qualified and experienced criminal attorneys in Utah will always ensure you get the best results possible. There in-depth experience in this field helps you win the case.

5. They Catalyze the Process

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer is fundamental because it helps individuals clear their reputation as well as regain their freedom. The right criminal attorney will catalyze the entire process to minimize the chances of law enforcement from obtaining more pieces of evidence. This law expertise will react immediately so as to mitigate the consequences and risks involved in your criminal case.

6. Enough Knowledge about Criminal Law System

Reputable criminal defense attorneys in Utah have spent more than five years in this field. They clearly understand the penal law system. During their entire law studies, lawyers gain enough experience and knowledge that plays a vital role in your case. When choosing the right criminal defense lawyer in Utah it’s advisable to select an experienced lawyer with a good reputation so as to get a positive judgment.

7. Assess the Variable of a Case

Cases are thrown out or dismissed only if there are incorrect legal procedures during the arrest or during detainment. Qualified criminal attorneys in Utah have enough skills to make sure that law enforcement adheres to all legal procedures and respects the rights of the accused. In a criminal case, there are aspects and variables that must be considered before and during the case.


If you have been charged with a criminal offense, it’s a great idea to hire Utah criminal defense lawyers. These lawyers have enough skills and experience in dealing with criminal cases. This helps them enhance their reputation because they work to satisfy your expectations.

How Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyers Can Help

Many people feel they shouldn’t worry about the accident and worry about things covering their insurance. However, in many cases, a car accident lawyer is needed to help you get what you deserve. Although it is not necessary after each accident or even after each major accident, there are many cases in which you are paid to hire a Las Vegas car accident lawyer.

First, your need for an accident lawyer depends on the severity of the incident and the resulting injuries. Fender Bender generally does not need litigation and probably does not need a lawyer to handle the situation. On the other hand, a serious accident in which one or more vehicles are “assembled” often requires legal assistance that will guide you through the often confusing aspects of dealing with insurance companies. If you are injured in a car accident, Las Vegas car accident lawyers can help you find the comparison you deserve.

The services may be necessary to prove that the other driver was negligent in a car accident in Las Vegas. This problem can be very complicated, especially if the vehicle accident causes serious injuries to the driver or passengers of the vehicle. The lawyer helps prove that the petitioner has suffered personal injury or emotional trauma in a car accident. Lawyers are better able to eliminate unwanted details and focus on the facts while addressing the judiciary on behalf of the client. You are qualified to sue and claim damages.

Searching in local newspapers or searching the yellow pages is the first step in finding a suitable Las Vegas attorney. With the advent of the Internet, information about the Las Vegas Accident Lawyer is also available online. It is important to know and make sure that the final lawyer has successfully represented many auto accident cases in Las Vegas. Knowing the Las Vegas law and the ease of public communication are some of the other factors that you need to follow when choosing a car accident lawyer.

Why is a car accident lawyer important?

• They can help you settle any medical expenses. This includes all other expenses that may arise in the future as a result of this incident.

• They can also help you cover the costs associated with damage to your vehicle.

• It can also be helpful to pay the lost wages of the employer.

• You can work with insurance companies to ensure that all details are well covered and that your rights are protected.

• Make sure that any agony and pain you experience is corrected as soon as possible.

• In case of a passenger death, the lawyers will help you get the compensation to cover the funeral services.

• The cost of illegal deaths will also be recovered in a timely and adequate manner with the assistance of a lawyer.

• Advises the client on how to claim compensation and take legal action against an insurance company to protect the rights of the victim better.

• The lawyer is an expert in evaluating important details in police/medical reports, as well as in interviewing witnesses at the scene.

• The car accident lawyer collects all the necessary information, tries to find out how the accident happened and why it happened, and provides details of all the people involved. By capturing this type of detail, professionalism appears in their work, which also guarantees a better chance of justice for the victim.

• During a conversation with your insurance company about an injured victim, your lawyer must be present. This is because the options that have been taken are very important and you need your advice.

Above all, if you are involved in a car accident, you should first talk to your insurance company if you have previously spoken with an experienced lawyer. The car accident lawyer handles all communications and, if necessary, provides a professional response to any questions asked on behalf of the other party or insurance company.

At some point in his life, he is likely to be involved in a car accident. This can cause trauma and most fearful if it is the first time one is involved in an accident. After an accident, you may feel tired and scared if you repair your car and treat it for your injuries. If you find yourself in such a terrible situation, you must know what to do. Not only do you need to share your contact information and insurance numbers with the other party, but you also need to know when the capabilities of the car accident lawyers are required.

San Diego Attorneys Helping Victims of Auto Accidents

Being involved in a vehicular accident is no joke. Traffic accidents involving trucks can leave severe damages to public properties, people in other vehicles, and bystanders. While it’s not always easy to determine who is liable for the car accident, a 1-800 Hurt-Now truck accident injury attorney will help figure out the parties responsible for the incident. If you’ve been involved in a vehicular accident involving a commercial trucking company and would like to know how to sue the company, here are the steps you can follow.

Determine the Liability for a Truck Accident

Unlike with car accidents where you can sue the other driver for the road disaster, determining the liability in a truck accident can be challenging and complicated. There are many factors to consider when you investigate the truck accident to find out who is responsible for your personal injuries. Fortunately, there are ways to determine the liability of the truck driver and commercial trucking company. One is by contacting a personal injury lawyer to help you file your claim and win your case.

Organize Your Evidence Before Filing a Truck Accident Injury Claim

Before you file a complaint, you should have evaluated your claim and organized your medical and legal evidence. You must identify the responsible party first before you file a truck accident lawsuit. As the complainant, you should also compute your potential damages and evaluate the strength of your negligence claim. You must understand the importance of weighing the strengths and weaknesses of your truck accident injury case before filing the complaint. The other party will easily counter your claim if your negligence claim has its weaknesses.

Hire a Legal Expert in Vehicular Accident Claims

The best way to strengthen your case is to hire a San Diego vehicular accident attorney not a criminal defense attorney. A legal professional will listen to your story, evaluate what happened, and find out the cause of the accident. A San Diego vehicular accident lawyer will also investigate to find out who is responsible for the road mishap. A lawyer can look into a commercial trucking company’s negligence and its role in the truck accident case. In most cases, the company plays a role in the driver’s negligence which results in a vehicular accident.

Sue the Driver and the Commercial Trucking Company

If a commercial trucking company employs the truck driver, you can sue both the driver and his employer for the damages caused by the vehicular accident. The commercial trucking company is equally responsible for the actions and negligence of the truck driver. Therefore, they are both responsible for the road mishap. However, if the driver is acting outside the scope of the company, therefore the commercial trucking company is not liable for his actions. If the truck driver is an independent contractor, it means that he does not have a formal employer. You can sue him for the personal injuries, but you can’t sue the company for the truck accident. You must determine the identity of the parties involved in the vehicular accident, especially the ones responsible for the disaster.

Although it is not easy to win a personal injury case due to the argument and counter of commercial trucking companies and insurance companies, hiring a San Diego vehicular accident lawyer will significantly raise your winning percentage. Since insurance companies can use scopes of employment arguments to deny a truck accident claim, you need a lawyer to make sure you have a strong case against the truck driver and the commercial trucking company. Get legal professional service today and find out how we can help you get the compensation you deserve for your personal injuries from a car accident.

The Importance of Personal Injury Clients and Lawyers to Size Each Other Up

Choosing a lawyer for your personal injury or wrongful death case is a decision that is similar to picking a partner for marriage. It may be a long relationship and it is always one that commands the two parties, the attorney, and the client, to trust each other. If one party does not trust the other, the common goal of justice cannot be obtained. This is because justice without trust in the result is no justice at all.

5 Benefits to Having a Personal Injury Lawyer Represent You

I am writing this entry to encourage face-to-face interaction with those seeking legal representation and the actual lawyer who would be trusted with that case. My biggest competitors are out-of-town, big-city lawyers who, in my estimation, rarely actually meet with the injured/aggrieved parties in my area. So it is no surprise that I often get calls from nearby clients of these lawyers telling me that they are not happy with their lawyer because they don’t know what is going on with their case and they do not trust in what they are being told. I always encourage these folks to try to work it out with these lawyers and I do press them to seek a face-to-face meeting, as that nearly always satisfies client concern, at least for the short term.

I know a great deal of my competitors, and I will say that most of them are very good lawyers and that their firms are usually reputable. But, to me, there is no substitute for the old-fashioned face-to-face meeting. And I do believe there is still something important in the ability to look someone in the eye.

“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.” – Albert Einstein

Hiring a personal injury lawyer: Is it worth it?

Before I talk about the benefits of personal interaction for personal injury clients, I want to stress the benefit of the lawyer to meet with the client. I nearly always demand to meet with my potential clients face-to-face before my attorney-client relationship begins. I’ve been doing this long enough to be able to identify most potential trust issues early on. For example, when I ask a potential client if they’ve ever had the medical condition that they are complaining of now and they either look down or away, fidget, leave moisture on my glass table, and they answer “no,” then I know to pause and inquire further. I advise them that it does not usually matter if they did have prior issues and that I value trust over preexisting injuries in my clients. If they persist in their denial, I have other methods of verifying the truth, but if I get a bad feeling about a potential client, I will turn down cases on that alone. If I can’t trust my client in the initial meeting, I realize that a jury may have a hard time trusting them at trial.

Why Are Personal Injury Lawyers Important? | MOM News Daily

For injured victims of negligence in Ohio, choosing a personal injury lawyer is easy. If you are in a car accident, your mailbox will likely be flooded with mailings with catchy phrases, DVDs, and all kinds of letters from lawyers all over the state. You can be in Portsmouth, call a lawyer in Toledo, and have a lawyer at your doorstep in a matter of a few hours, or less. But choosing a personal injury lawyer you trust is something entirely different. In the instance of this traveling Toledo lawyer, you will likely never see this person again. He or she is probably just a runner, paid to sign you up as a client. Who is actually handling your case – – at all stages, is a whole other story. While you may still get quality representation, you won’t be able to lock in trust because you will likely feel a void in the relationship.

When new clients don’t meet with the actual lawyer will end up handling their case, they are many times deprived of judging sincerity, which goes directly towards how that person can rely on the lawyer. Meeting with the actual lawyer on your case can also give you the opportunity to judge for yourself that lawyer’s commitment to your case, which goes hand-in-hand with whether you believe that person has integrity. Lastly, by meeting face-to-face with your lawyer, you can judge for yourself their competency and whether you feel they will be consistent in providing results.

If you don’t like the lawyer you meet with, move on to the next one. Because if you don’t like them, a potential juror might not, either, and it is important that you find someone you feel comfortable talking to. And to me, there is no substitute for sharing a cup of coffee with the folks I’ve asked to trust me.

Things to Expect From a Personal Injury Lawyer

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Personal Injury Lawyer | Wilshire Law Firm

If you were injured in an accident and are looking for an experienced and skilled personal injury lawyer to handle your potential case, then you need to know who you may be hiring, and what you may be getting yourself into when you hire them. Our team has put together a list of things you should expect:

1. Invasive questions- When you go to a personal injury attorney to determine your legal rights and options after an accident, be prepared to answer many detailed and sometimes invasive questions. To fully analyze whether you have a claim, your personal injury attorney needs the details, even if they are difficult to recall. Your lawyer can handle your case appropriately and efficiently when they know everything that may be relevant to your claim.

2. Challenges to your story- In most situations, your account of what happened will not perfectly align with the other party’s story. This is to be expected. Every car accident has some gaps or contradictions. Because of this, your lawyer may challenge you. They may question you regarding the truth or validity of your account. All of this is to prepare for the other party’s stance and to find the weaknesses in your case that you may need to address.

5 Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer | Studinski Law

3. A wait- Most personal injury cases are not resolved quickly. You may have to wait weeks or months for medical treatment and recovery. Before then, you may not have any reliable way to predict your current and future medical expenses. Depending on the complexities of your case, you may have to go through months of research, legal procedures, and negotiations before you reach a settlement agreement. If your case is going to go to trial, it may take even longer. During this time, you should have full access to your attorney. However, there may be periods of time when you do not hear from your lawyer. Speak with your attorney about the tentative timeline for your claim, and when/how you should expect to hear from them.

4. Realistic expectations You may not like what your attorney has to say about your case. Once your lawyer has had a chance to listen to your story, do some more research, and fully analyze your situation, they will provide an objective opinion regarding your chance of obtaining compensation. Your lawyer will explain the worst and best-case scenarios and the probable outcome that falls in between. Your lawyer may also not recommend fighting over every issue. An experienced personal injury lawyer knows when it benefits you to fight, and when it is time to compromise.

5. A contingency fee- Many personal injury lawyers are compensated based on a contingency fee. This means you do not pay your lawyer unless you successfully resolve your case, either through a settlement or a court award. When you “win,” a percentage of your compensation is paid to your attorney. You may have to pay for court fees or hire an expert witness, however, you will not be forced to pay a large upfront fee or an hourly rate throughout your case. Your attorney will explain what expenses you are and are not responsible for, and the percentage of the contingency fee if you win your case.

Let Our Personal Injury Attorneys Help You

Personal Injury Attorney in Springfield, Vermont - Brady / Donahue — Brady  / Donahue

At our service, we understand how difficult it is to handle all of the ramifications of an accident. It may be both physically and emotionally painful to address your current circumstances, including injuries, medical treatments, and a potential lawsuit. Our team of attorneys is here to help you with all of the legal and administrative consequences of this accident.

Key Factors to Successful Personal Injury Marketing

When it comes to acquiring clients for personal injury law cases, it is important to have a well-defined marketing plan. Similarly, your firm should have a system of goals and analytics to make sure your efforts are streamlined and keeping up with the competitive marketing arena of 2020.

Consider These 5 Factors of Motorcycle Personal Injury Marketing Success

Given this, we’ve compiled a list of five key factors that every law firm marketing campaign needs to thrive. Read on to learn how you can create a valuable funnel for client acquisition and retention.


This concept applies to how your firm portrays itself in your community as well as any digital efforts to get personal injury cases. Regardless of the overall case scope of your personal injury attorneys and associates, it is vital to market your firm’s specific expertise in personal injury law to get the best potential clients.

This is because in the cutthroat world of digital marketing in 2020, consumer behavior will favor specialists who target their niche. Your firm can have multiple fields of expertise, but try to narrow your scope to the point where you can demonstrate authority on a topic.

Law Tigers has succeeded by being one of the top firms in representing motorcycle accident injury cases. By working in this specific practice area for a long period of time, we have been able to position ourselves as leaders and authorities. This translates to more powerful content marketing, and we recommend aiming for a similar role.


Law Firm Marketing



Many law firms have scattered marketing funnels that may be effective or not, but there is no data to back results up. In order to best understand what to continue doing and what to change, we recommend the following:

  • Track how your customers hear about you
  • Monitor your social media content metrics closely
  • Be diligent about A/B testing for all digital collateral
  • Pay attention to CPC, even if your paid ads are profitable; you can always be more efficient.
  • Create multiple methods of contact and re-targeting for already existing clientele.

Once you have already earned a customer’s trust, they will bring you more business and be advocates; this is why conversion efficiency is so important.


Personal injury lawyers make the majority of their money by winning cases or settling out of court. There are often contingency fees associated with winning, and in the event of a negative result, fees and waivers are often waived.

Law Tiger Event

While this is standard and a practice we recommend, this is also where it helps to have a strong niche and repeat customers. This can especially be lucrative if you are working with large organizations on retainer rather than individuals, and your research and associate time can be billed hourly.


One way in which many personal injury firms hamper their profits is by not charging enough for their services. Law Tigers has created an authoritative presence in the motorcycle accident injury field, and as a result we are positioned as industry leaders. Due to this, we are able to charge a proper premium, and our clients are happy to pay for the good service.

This is especially important because personal injury law in and of itself is not highly lucrative relative to some higher-profile fields. Many firms and attorneys are in personal injury because they care about the ethics of these cases. We can speak from long-term personal and professional experience.

If you create a full-service and specialized firm, you will be able to do well in personal injury law. The type of clientele you want to appeal to will understand that they are paying for results and integrity within a personal injury firm. So long as you are fair and consistent in your rate increases, this is a no-brainer long-term.


This is not the opposite of finding a niche; in fact, it is an accessory to it. While a focus on several key aspects of personal injury law will get you a strong client base, you do not want to exclude requests from anyone. Part of the goodwill a firm can earn is the willingness to explore all options within their expertise, and also be able to refer certain cases to trusted partners.

Law Tiger Event

Studies have shown that clients feel more comfortable when your associates show a willingness to defer a case to another firm. Similarly, you can create a vast network of referring partners from different law offices who will recommend you for your niches. In this sense, sharing the wealth short-term can create massive long-term returns.

Maximize Client Acquisition with Law Tigers

Motorcycle personal injury law is a complex practice that requires efficient marketing to sustain growth. This doesn’t mean that legal marketing itself has to be a source of stress and confusion. At Law Tigers, we have found decades of success by positioning ourselves as the industry leaders in motorcycle accident injury representation.

Law Tiger Event

This knowledge of niche law has allowed us to be valuable marketing consultants to other motorcycle accident law firms. If you are interested in learning how to maximize your team’s efforts for client acquisition and retention, please reach out today; it is a conversation well worth having.

What You Can Expect from the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you’re looking at prison time or a hefty fine, it’s a good idea to look into hiring the best criminal defense lawyer possible. You may have the ability to get a court-appointed lawyer if your income qualifies.

Simply put: the legal system is designed to make competently representing yourself in criminal trials almost impossible. Even if you have an abnormally high IQ, the system does not work in your favor. Hiring an attorney to represent you in your criminal trial is a necessity.

This article discusses:

What Does a Criminal Lawyer Do?

Because no criminal case is exactly like another, criminal defense lawyers are trained to pick out the parts of each case that make them unique.

In essence, they use their knowledge to find subtle evidence and reasons why you should win the case.

Also, the best criminal defense lawyer for you may be able to spot certain arguments and factors that could mitigate or even negate any potential crime. Even if you are guilty and the evidence is against you, they may be able to help you reduce fines and jail time.

Daily Responsibilities of a Criminal Lawyer

The day-to-day of being an attorney might not seem glamorous. Generally, it involves:

  • Contacting clients through email, phone calls, video calls, or in-person meetings
  • Reading case documents, evidence, and statutes (laws)
  • Taking notes on what would be helpful for the case
  • Forming a strategy for the case

While these activities may seem boring, they are the essential building blocks to making a strong case.

Criminal attorneys often spend months preparing for a case. The preparation can take much longer than actually being in the courtroom. This way, when the case goes to court, things can move as quickly as possible, and there are no surprises in the case.

What Specific Work Does a Criminal Lawyer Do That I Can’t Do?

When to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer — MCL

After the research and strategy are done, a criminal defense lawyer has many jobs. While in court, they will call witnesses in your defense and cross-examine the prosecution’s witnesses.

They need to be dynamic and trustworthy, explain complex topics to a jury, and be prepared to discuss any aspect of the case. And this is just the beginning of the tasks ahead of them.

Specialties and Duties: Plea Bargains

Your criminal defense attorney may work with you and the prosecutor to negotiate a “plea bargain.”

A plea bargain can reduce your potential sentence or eliminate some of the charges brought against you. However, prosecutors are often unwilling to negotiate with defendants that represent themselves.

Specialties and Duties: Sentencing

Your attorney will figure out a good sentencing program for your situation.

If you’re found guilty, your criminal defense attorney may be able to change your sentence. Often, they are changed in a way that would prevent you from winding back in the criminal justice system.

For instance, instead of going to prison for ten months for a drug possession conviction, your criminal defense attorney may suggest a prison sentence of six months and then four months in a drug treatment facility. This approach aims to help you with the drug problem that landed you in trouble in the first place.

Specialties and Duties: Case Outcomes

As hard as it might be to hear, an attorney has the experience and training to provide you with a reality check.

Defense lawyers know what’s going on much better than you will during your criminal trial. They also can predict how a case is going and what the judge or jury’s outcome may be.

Your defense attorney has the advantage of:

  • Remaining objective throughout a proceeding
  • Offering realistic insights into how the trial is actually going

These assessments and reality checks are often essential when a criminal defendant is trying to decide whether or not to accept a prosecutor’s plea bargain.

Specialties and Duties: Rules and Regulations

You can read books on criminal defense, but it takes years of study to grasp this area of law. Your attorney will point out important legal rules and regulations that you most likely wouldn’t find on your own.

Many rules about criminal prosecutions are buried within regulations and laws, and even prior court decisions.

For example, if you were to represent yourself, you may never know if the search that the police conducted of your apartment was lawful or not. To know this, you must understand the many nuances and intricacies surrounding the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Specialties and Duties: State-Specific People and Systems

Most people will find it hard to navigate their case through the state legal system where the case is being heard.

There are written rules, such as the local rules of court, that must be obeyed and followed. There are also often many “unwritten rules” that go along with each jurisdiction.

For example, let’s say only certain prosecutors can make and approve plea bargains. Your criminal defense lawyer may save you time (and maybe even jail time) by talking to the right person the first time.

Specialties and Duties: Consequences of Pleading Guilty

Your attorney can easily explain some of the “hidden costs” that come along with pleading guilty. Many people that represent themselves never think about the consequences of pleading guilty if it could lead to a shorter sentence.

For example, if you plead guilty, you may find it very hard to find a job once you’ve completed your punishment. An attorney will make sure you understand all your options before you plead.

Specialties and Duties: Handling Witnesses

Your attorney is trained in working with witnesses. They will be able to more easily gather evidence and statements from witnesses that are going to be called by the prosecution. Handling this without experience can be challenging for someone representing themselves.

Many witnesses, understandably so, refuse to give statements or information to people that were allegedly involved in a crime for fear of their own safety. However, these witnesses are often much more willing to talk to an attorney about their upcoming testimony.

Specialties and Duties: Handling Investigators and Experts

Part of the case will require finding and hiring investigators and expert witnesses.

Investigators can investigate not only the alleged crime but also the prosecution’s witnesses. If these investigators can find evidence that would make a witness’s testimony less believable, this could help your case tremendously.

Similarly, expert witnesses may be able to present evidence that would tend to show your innocence. They can also rebut evidence that the prosecution presents, making the prosecution’s case less credible.

Reading Books Can’t Replace Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Some criminal defendants seek to represent themselves by researching and reading books. However, reading books that spell out crimes, punishments, and defenses probably won’t lead you to victory in your case.

As any seasoned lawyer will tell you, there’s quite a vast difference between reading about the law and actually practicing the law in court.

Nothing Replaces Courtroom Experience

Understanding the ebbs and flows of a criminal trial can make the difference between winning and losing your case.

“Prosecutorial discretion” is a prime example of these ebbs and flows. Even the simple decision of what to charge a criminal defendant with can be complex. This can make all the difference in how a case is handled.

For example, what may appear to be a simple crime on paper could realistically be cast to be a multiple count indictment or a simple misdemeanor. Criminal defense lawyers are skilled at negotiating with prosecutors to figure out what counts to charge.

What Does Someone Need to Do to Become a Criminal Lawyer?

A degree in criminal law requires:

  • A four-year degree from an accredited university
  • Three years of school from an accredited law school
  • A Juris Doctor degree
  • Passing the bar exam in the state they wish to practice in
  • A license to practice from the state

Law students can appear in court while in school if a licensed attorney supervises them.

Many law students will also intern at a law firm before they are hired at a firm. Once hired, attorneys will likely shadow more experienced attorneys to learn the ropes before taking major cases.

Experienced attorneys will have years under their belt in and out of court. Still, newer attorneys are often cheaper to hire. Consider which level of experience better suits your needs.

What Questions Should You Ask a Criminal Lawyer?

Most criminal law attorneys don’t handle every type of criminal case. There is a large difference between defending a DUI and defending a client charged with murder. It is crucial to hire an attorney who has experience in the charges you are facing.

You should also communicate well with the attorney and feel comfortable being honest with them, and the approach they will take in court. Not every attorney is a fit for every client.

You should ask a prospective attorney these types of questions:

  • How long have you practiced law?
  • Have you handled a case like this?
  • What percentage of your time is spent on this specific type of case?
  • Do you focus on a certain area of criminal law?
  • What information do you need/should I prepare for our first meeting?
  • How do you handle fees? (Hourly, on retainer, per case, payment plans, credit cards, etc.)

Get Professional Help From a Criminal Defense Attorney

Hartford Criminal Appeals Attorneys | Barry, Barall & Spinella, LLC

As you can see, a good criminal defense lawyer can make your job easier. They can also improve your chances of winning your case or obtaining a more favorable plea bargain.

Even if you qualify for a court-appointed attorney, there’s nothing keeping you from speaking with an experienced attorney to obtain a second opinion on your case.

If you’re really set on representing yourself in court, you should, at the very least, retain the best criminal defense lawyer possible to act as a coach during your trial.

You can find an experienced criminal defense attorney near you and start by reading reviews and testimonials or having a free phone consultation to ask questions about your case.

The Essential Do’s and Don’ts of Finding a Criminal Defense Attorney:

The Value of Retaining the Services of the Right Criminal Law Attorney -  Barry Moltz

If you’re the defendant in a criminal case, the best thing you can do for yourself is choose the most reputable criminal defense lawyers possible. And while we all know that the Sixth Amendment provides criminal defendants with the right to legal representation, the right to a speedy trial, and the right to confront witnesses, finding the best possible criminal defense attorney takes a little more expertise than simply reading the Constitution. While you search for the right criminal defense attorneys for you, here are some essential dos and don’ts to keep in mind.

    • DO: Strongly consider experience
      Experience is one of the most important qualities for a criminal defense attorney to possess. Even if they stayed at the top of their class throughout law school and are more passionate than any lawyer you’ve ever seen, they won’t be able to handle your case unless they’ve handled countless others like it. You wouldn’t trust a heart surgeon to operate on you without having substantial experience, and the same principle applies with criminal defense lawyers. Real life experience is absolutely critical.


    • DON’T: Forget to check references
      Another imperative part of your criminal defense attorney search is making sure to check references. Any confident and established criminal defense lawyer will be happy to give you a list of satisfied clients they’ve personally helped. Better yet, ask your friends and family for suggestions if you feel comfortable doing so. The most professional criminal defense attorneys should always come with a recommendation.


    • DO: Compare fees
      Obviously, comparing lawyer fees is an important part of the research process. While you do want to work with the most professional lawyer you can afford, it’s critical to not let money cloud your judgment. Again, your criminal defense attorney is there to argue your case to the absolute best of their ability, and the fact is some can simply do it better than others. Don’t assume that the most expensive lawyer is automatically going to provide the best service, and don’t assume that the more affordable lawyers are always less qualified.


  • DON’T: Ignore your gut instinct
    More often than not, your gut can tell you whether or not a lawyer will truly do what they say they are able to do. If that gut instinct tells you that one criminal lawyer will be better or worse than another, listen to it.

Criminal Defense Lawyers: A Guide To Finding The Best For You - ELMENS

Ultimately, these are just a few important dos and don’ts to consider when selecting a criminal defense attorney to represent you. Keep an eye out for the next post, where we’ll discuss even more tips for finding the best attorney possible.

5 Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring an Injury Lawyer

Finding the “right” lawyer to represent you is often the most critical factor in a successful recovery.

Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer – The Top 5 Reasons To Consider -

Insurance companies have the financial resources to hire skilled lawyers who specialize in defending personal injury claims. The experience and skills of your lawyer will play a pivotal role in the amount of compensation you receive.

Most injury victims do not know that the best, most successful personal injury attorneys in your community charge fees that are the same as inexperienced lawyers who have no track record of success in the courtroom.

Don’t make the mistake of choosing a personal injury lawyer from ads alone. There are unscrupulous lawyers who will settle your case quickly for whatever the insurance company will offer because these firms work on a “high volume” and “quick turnover” basis. Every community has a number of personal injury “wannabe” lawyers who would like to grab your case and settle it quickly for low dollars for you (but a high return for the lawyer’s time investment).

So how do you find a good lawyer for a serious personal injury lawsuit?

Like most important decisions, you need to do some “homework” on the lawyers in your community. When you decide to meet with an attorney to discuss your case, you need to ask the right questions to find out if the attorney has a proven track record of success.

The purpose of this free report is to provide you with insights that most injury victims never bother to learn about lawyers who handle personal injury claims. If you follow the advice contained in this report, it may make the difference between winning your case or going home with nothing or significantly less than your case is worth.


1. There are sources that rate personal injury lawyers based on what their colleagues say about them.

How do you find a top-notch lawyer for a serious personal injury case? There are resources you can check before deciding which lawyer to schedule a consultation with. One of the most reliable ways to research a lawyer’s qualifications is to check sources that rate personal injury lawyer reviews based on what their fellow lawyers (and their competitors) say about them. Please understand that there is no other official “rating” system for personal injury lawyers besides peer review by other lawyers. Here are the peer review rating systems that you should check out:

  • The Martindale-Hubbell Bar Registry ( has peer review ratings of more than 1 million lawyers across the country. It publishes short biographies of these lawyers. For over 130 years, Martindale-Hubbell has been the most respected source of authoritative and reliable information about members of the legal community in the United States. An “AV” rating identifies a lawyer and a firm with a very high to preeminent legal ability and is the highest reflection of expertise, experience, and integrity and overall professional excellence. Martindale-Hubbell ratings are established by attorneys for attorneys and it states: “clearly indicates a demonstration of the highest professional and ethical standards.”
  • The Best Lawyers in America. ( The lawyers listed in Best Lawyers been selected by their peers as “the best” in 57 specialties, including personal injury and medical malpractice law.
  • Superlawyers. www.superlawyers.comSuper Lawyers is an annual listing of outstanding lawyers from more than 70 practice areas who have attained a high degree of peer recognition and professional achievement. Law & Politics performs the polling, research, and selection of Super Lawyers in a process designed to identify lawyers who have attained a high degree of peer recognition and professional achievement. Only five percent (5%) of the lawyers in each state are named Super Lawyers.

2. Ask the lawyer, “What percentage of your cases are referrals from other lawyers”?

If you want to know who the top-notch personal injury lawyers are in your community, ask the lawyers who practice there. It’s important to find out whether a significant percentage of a lawyer’s caseload comes from referrals from other lawyers. In any field or profession, the professionals who work in the field usually know who’s good and who’s not. If you have an attorney or a friend who practices law, that might be a good place to start. Even if he or she doesn’t handle injury cases, they are bound to have colleagues who are familiar with the personal injury or malpractice lawyers who are recognized by their peers as being the best in your community.

3. Be careful about lawyers who send “solicitation” letters to your home following an accident.

Recently, an increasing number of personal injury lawyers have been hiring runners or “gophers” to obtain traffic accident reports prepared by local and state police officers. Once the accident reports are obtained, a member of the law firm’s staff will comb through the report to find the name and address of the accident victim. The law firm will then mail a “solicitation” letter to the injury victim informing him/her that the law firm is ready and willing to represent the accident victim in a personal injury case. In our community, it is not unusual for an accident victim to receive fifteen to twenty solicitation letters from law firms. There is a law firm in southern Indiana that sends a solicitation to every single traffic accident victim in the entire state where there is a police report. There are law firms that will continue to send solicitation letters after the initial letter is sent and will even have a staff member call the accident victim and ask if they received the solicitation letters.


The vast, vast majority of law firms that rely on solicitation letters operate on a “high volume, quick turnover” basis. They have difficulty attracting referrals from satisfied clients or other lawyers so they resort to sending out hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of solicitation letters hoping that they will receive responses to their mass mailings. It’s probably safe to say that injury victims who choose an attorney based on a solicitation letter they receive in the mail aren’t doing a lot of research on the law firm they are hiring. Many states are in the process of enacting rules and laws to prohibit lawyers from sending solicitation letters to accident victims.

4. Virtually all personal injury lawyers offer a free consultation and will not charge a fee unless there is a recovery.

Anyone who has ever seen or received any type of advertisements (TV commercials, yellow pages, internet sites, direct mail solicitation letters, etc.) from personal injury firms quickly learns that every injury lawyer makes the same offers:

  • “No fee if no recovery.”
  • “Free initial consultation.”
  • “We will visit you at home or in the hospital.”

A lawyer who offers you a “free consultation” and tells you that he or she will not charge a fee unless there is a recovery in your case (known as a “contingent fee” agreement) is not offering you anything out of the ordinary. Almost every lawyer who specializes in handling personal injury cases will make the same offer.

5. What does it mean when a lawyer says “no fee if no recovery”?

Almost every personal injury lawyer handles injury cases on a contingent fee basis. A “contingent” fee means that there is no attorney fee unless there is a recovery and the fee is a percentage of the amount recovered. (i.e. usually 33.33% of the amount recovered). That means that the lawyer will not charge the client a fee unless there is a recovery. Sounds simple, right? Not so fast. This is an area where personal injury victims need to be careful before they make a decision on a lawyer for their case.


If a lawyer agrees to handle your injury case on a contingent fee basis and loses the case, there’s not going to be an issue on whether you owe the lawyer anything for his or her attorney fee. You don’t owe anything. One-third of nothing is nothing. However, consumers must understand that there is a big difference between attorney fees and the case “expenses.” Almost every personal injury case will entail some case “expenses” that need to be paid in order to prepare the case properly. Case expenses are monies paid to third parties to keep the case going: expert witness fees, court reporter fees, charges for medical records, charges for physician reports, filing fees and the many other expenses that go into a personal injury lawsuit.

Case expenses are handled differently by different law firms. In a typical motor vehicle accident case, where the settlement is less than $100,000, the case expenses are usually less than $5,000. However, in a serious personal injury case involving permanent or catastrophic injuries, or in a medical malpractice case, the litigation expenses can run up to $50,000 or more. There are different ways these ongoing litigation expenses are handled by different firms, depending, in large part, on the firm’s philosophy and the firm’s financial resources:

  • One way is to require the client to pay all or a substantial share of the litigation expenses at the start of a case or on an ongoing basis. That method can create serious financial issues for a client.
  • Another way is for the lawyer to pay all the expenses as the case goes along, with the client reimbursing the lawyer out of any recovery at the end of the case, after the lawyer’s contingency fee is deducted. For example, if the recovery is $270,000, and the lawyer and the client have agreed to a one-third contingent fee plus reimbursement of the expenses advanced by the lawyer, and the lawyer has advanced $10,000 toward the case expenses, the final disbursement of the settlement will look like this:- you will receive $170,000
    – the lawyer will receive $90,000 for his attorney fee;
    – $10,000 will be paid back to the lawyer to reimburse expenses.

What happens to the expenses if the case is lost? Some lawyers have a policy of not asking the client to reimburse the law firm for the “out of pocket” expenses. Other lawyers expect the client to reimburse the law firm for all the expenses if the case is lost. As a consumer who has choices, you need to find out the lawyer’s policy on expense reimbursement in situations where the case is lost. If a lawyer tries to tell you “don’t worry about it, I’ve never lost a case,” don’t accept that response. Even the very best personal injury lawyers lose cases from time to time.

Finding a personal lawyer? Just contact us for more information.


Five Signs You Have a Bad Criminal Defense Attorney

A criminal defense attorney has a multitude of roles to fulfill. Your defense attorney is not only in charge of almost every aspect of your case, but is defending you both in and out of the courtroom.

Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the major responsibilities of their criminal defense attorney because they have never had one or are generally unfamiliar with the law in the first place. But, should the situation arise in which you need one, it is important to understand what your criminal defense attorney’s responsibilities are and what they can do to help your case.

The Most Important Responsibility of a Criminal Defense Attorney

First and foremost, the most important job of your criminal defense attorney is to fight for you and defend you in the court of law. According to the American Bar Association, the primary responsibility of a criminal defense attorney is to advocate for their clients and defend their rights. Your defense attorney should not only acknowledge your needs/wants in the situation, but work in favor of your best interests. A defense attorney should protect your rights and fight for the best possible outcome for the case at hand.

What Does It Mean to “Work in the Defendant’s Best Interest”?

A criminal defense lawyer is an attorney that is usually hired specifically by the defendant to work with their best interests in mind. To work with the defendant’s best interests in mind means that your defense lawyer will not only be fighting for the best possible outcome by societal standards, but that they will do so with your wants and wellbeing in mind too. Sometimes known as holistic representation, many defense lawyers attempt to help their client by focusing on the whole of the situation, not just the crime at hand. While the outcome the defendant may want cannot be guaranteed by any defense lawyer, part of your lawyer’s job is to work for the agreed upon outcome or best one possible.

Your defense attorney works with your best interests in mind throughout multiple areas of the case. When considering plea bargains, your lawyer can negotiate terms for you that they think may be better. When considering the jurors, your attorney can assess and remove jurors that may be biased towards you or the case. Your lawyer can even interview and use specific witnesses to the case with your best interests in mind, too.

What Does It Mean to “Defend the Client’s Rights”?

Criminal defense attorneys work to defend their clients’ rights in many ways both in and out of the courtroom.

One way a defense attorney can defend their client’s rights is by working to make sure they have a fair trial. Oftentimes, the proceedings of criminal cases and other affairs in the criminal justice system are hectic. It is important that every aspect of your case is looked at with extreme detail and understanding, especially with regard to how it could play a role in your trial.

Another way a defense lawyer will work to defend their client’s rights is by making sure that the defendant remains innocent until proven guilty in the minds of the judge and jurors. Despite the evidence in a case before its trial, our legal system declares all defendants’ innocent until the prosecution is able to prove them guilty without a reasonable doubt. A defense lawyer works to make sure that all information between them and their client is confidential, retaining their innocence throughout the trial.

Even during the trial, a defense lawyer will be working to defend you and your rights. If the prosecution asks questions, they shouldn’t or pushes too far, your lawyer can object. If they present information that’s been passed through too many sources, your lawyer can object it as hearsay. There are a number of things your lawyer can do both in and out of the court of law to ensure that your rights are being protected.

What Other Responsibilities Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Have?

18 Secrets of Criminal Defense Attorneys | Mental Floss

On top of this, your criminal defense lawyer is in charge of almost every other aspect of your case. You can expect that they will:

  1. Be Knowledgeable of the Law
    One obvious but major role of your defense attorney is to be knowledgeable of the law. Your attorney needs to know the ins and outs of the law in order to help protect you throughout all points of criminal investigations and court proceedings.
  2. Understand the Case Presented
    Initially, your defense attorney will be in charge of learning about you and your case. Their job is to learn what happened from you and understand the details from your side of the story. From there, you and your attorney will most likely discuss the best outcomes of the situation at hand and what outcome you want to attempt to work towards.
  3. Investigate and Collect Information
    The next role of your attorney is to investigate deeper into the case and collect information. Your defense lawyer will analyze all aspects of the case, review the prosecution’s evidence, and interview witnesses. The more detailed information your lawyer can find prior to the trial, the better your lawyer will be able to defend you in trial.
  4. Defending the Client in Trial
    One of the biggest responsibilities a defense lawyer has aside from working in the defendant’s best interests, is defending the client in the courtroom. Your lawyer can spend a large amount of time developing a strategy for your trial. This includes analyzing the prosecution’s theories and preparing areas in their case to oppose.
  5. Keeping the Defendant Updated
    Another large responsibility of your defense attorney is to keep you consistently updated throughout the legal process. Whenever your lawyer is informed of almost anything regarding your case, like for example a new plea bargain, it is their job to inform you as soon as possible.

Choosing a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Different Types of Criminal Lawyers | 🥇Criminal Lawyer San Diego CA

Ultimately, your defense attorney’s biggest responsibilities are to work with your best interests in mind and defend you both in and out of the courtroom, trying to get the best possible outcome. Here at Patton Law, we always put our clients and their best interests first. We are a team of experienced professionals working to provide holistic representation to those who need it. If you are looking for high-quality, criminal defense lawyers in the Southeast Wisconsin area, contact us .

10 Things You Need to Know about Personal Injury Cases

What Should I Know About My Personal Injury Case?

Having The Best Representation In A Brain Injury Case

If you were hurt or a loved one died due to the negligence of another, there are some basic facts you should know if you’re considering legal action. We also welcome you to call us at 303-625-9346 to arrange a free consultation with a knowledgeable injury attorney.

1. Personal injury law is about more than car accidents.

Although car accidents and other types of motor vehicle collisions make up a substantial number of personal injury cases, personal injury law applies to any instance in which a person suffers harm due to the negligence of another individual or entity. Personal injury lawsuits may also relate to defective consumer products, accidents caused by unsafe premises, dog bites and wrongful death.

2. Insurance company settlement offers are not always fair.

Insurance providers often attempt to limit what they pay for medical expenses and other damages in the interest of protecting their own bottom lines. But undervaluing your claim can leave you facing immediate and long-term financial adversity, especially if you’re temporarily unable to work due to your injuries.

3. Working with an experienced lawyer matters.

Victims of severe injuries often find themselves facing tens of thousands of dollars in medical expenses, and may be unable to return to their jobs or require long-term rehabilitation. A personal injury claim led by an attorney who understands the physical, financial and mental hardships associated with severe injuries provides the best opportunity for receiving adequate compensation. Working with a lawyer can also relieve some of your personal stress, offer peace of mind, and allow you to focus on your recovery.

4. So does your lawyer’s experience.

The Frickey Law Firm has an extensive record of success in personal injury cases, and our attorneys are consistently recognized as top lawyers in their fields by Martindale-Hubbell, U.S. News & World Report, Super Lawyers and the Million Dollar Advocates Forum among other esteemed organizations. Our attorneys’ legal wisdom, medical knowledge and negotiating skills are backed by substantial trial experience, as well as the resources to thoroughly investigate and aggressively pursue your claim.

5. Compensation can be extensive.

Compensation in personal injury cases may include money for:

  • Past and future medical costs
  • Loss of earnings
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering

In wrongful death cases, compensation may be awarded for damages including but not limited to:

  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Loss of financial support and benefits
  • Related medical expenses incurred prior to death
  • Loss of companionship or consortium

The compensation varies widely depending on a number of individual circumstances, and your lawyer can help you understand how much your claim may be worth.

6. Every case is different.

There are fundamental steps shared by all personal injury legal actions, but the claims themselves differ depending on the type of injury, the cause of the injury and other factors. Likewise, personal injury cases vary in duration and whether they may be settled or go to trial.

7. Some cases take time.

Burdened with mounting medical expenses and potentially unable to work, injury victims often feel pressured to take the first offer from insurance providers. Before accepting an initial settlement offer, it can be in your best interests to discuss your situation with an attorney who is aware of the challenges that confront injury victims. Many cases are fairly settled in a matter of months, but those that end up in the courtroom may require 12 months or longer in order to recover the financial security you need. Your attorney will personally discuss your expectations with you.

8. Cases may settle out of court or go to trial.

Most personal injury cases are settled out of court, either through negotiations with an insurance provider’s representation or through a mediation process. Our lawyers strive to achieve an agreeable and timely settlement on your behalf, but our attorneys also have the courtroom expertise necessary to take your case to trial when settlement offers are unjust.

9. Evidence and time are crucial.

In the event that another’s negligence caused you to harm or resulted in the death of a loved one, it’s important to consult with a lawyer as soon as possible. The time to pursue legal action for compensation is bound by statutes of limitations, which are generally between two and three years from the date of the injury. It is also critical to collect as much evidence as you can to support your claim; your attorney can guide you through the information to gather, as well as help access any necessary law enforcement reports and medical records.

10. Our injury lawyers work on a contingent-fee basis.

If you’re researching personal injury attorneys, you’ve probably encountered the term “contingent fee.” We know that most clients can’t afford a lawyer who charges them by the hour, especially when medical expenses are mounting by the minute. That’s why we works on a contingent-fee basis, which means we don’t get paid unless we resolve your case.

How to Prepare for a Personal Injury Case | Attorney at Law Magazine

If you were hurt or a family member was killed due to the negligence of another, please contact us  for your free consultation. Our personal injury attorneys are dedicated to helping injury victims.

7 Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

7 Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer | Rossman Law

If you or someone you are close to has ever been hit by a car, you know how disoriented one can become when it happens to them. If you’ve been hurt or injured by the negligence of another person, company, or driver; it is possible to seek compensation for your medical bills and other related expenses. You don’t have to call a personal injury lawyer after car accidents, but these are some reasons why you should.

They Are Professional and Objective

Car accidents and personal injuries cause a lot of pain and emotional upheaval. This trauma may make it difficult to make objective decisions as far as your accident/injury is concerned. A personal injury attorney will file personal injury claims on your behalf. They will also help bring knowledge, skill, and experience into your case; and this will help you get the settlement you deserve.

They Know How to Negotiate

After an accident has occurred, and personal injury claims have been filed, the offending party’s insurance representative handles these cases daily and can be very persuasive when it comes to bargaining for lower compensation. Negotiating with insurance companies can be very challenging and they have techniques on persuading you to accept their first offer. This is why you need an experienced lawyer to help you through this period. Hiring a personal injury lawyer after you’ve been injured often leads to heftier compensation.

They Can Help You Get Medical Attention

Putting your personal injury attorney’s name as one of your emergency contacts will ensure that they are one of the first ones to be called when something happens to you. If they get this call early enough, they may be able to help you get treatment. The quality of treatment you receive at this point speaks to whether you will have a speedy recovery or not. If your attorney is familiar with medical malpractice and personal injury, they can also ensure that you are receiving proper care. While you are recuperating, your injury lawyer could be filing personal injury claims against whoever ran you over or is at fault for the injuries you suffered.

They Help You Make Better Decisions

If you aren’t a lawyer, filing a personal injury claim may seem like a long and complicated legal process. Sometimes, the offending party owns up to their mistake and is willing to compensate you. In such cases, if the compensation amount is adequate for your injuries, it would be unnecessary to take court action. A qualified personal injury lawyer will analyze your unique situation and inform you of the options that are available to you. They can also provide counsel on the best route of action, depending on the severity of your situation.

They Can Provide You With Legal Coverage

Often, the offending parties contest personal injury claims, and this prompts you to take court action. The other party will have a lawyer, and you not having one will probably turn the odds against you. Having the support of a personal injury lawyer will help level the playing field. An experienced lawyer will give you adequate legal representation after car accidents. They will gather all the evidence you need to win your court case.

They Can Help You Get Faster Compensation

If you don’t have a lawyer, you will have to wait until you have recovered sufficiently before going to seek compensation. This implies that it will take you much longer to get your settlement. You should call a personal injury lawyer immediately after your accident. This way, they can file personal injury claims on your behalf while you are recuperating. A qualified personal injury lawyer has vast experience with similar cases to yours and the legalities involved with those cases, hence they can side-step all setbacks and help you get compensated as fast as possible.

They Give You Peace of Mind

Sometimes, accidents may result in fatalities. Other times, they may cause post-traumatic stress and intense emotional trauma. Following up on personal injury claims at such a time may be very stressful. You should hire a personal injury lawyer after you’ve been injured. Experienced lawyers will handle all the complicated aspects of your claim, giving you the peace of mind you need to put all your focus on getting better.

Final Words

Blog Archives - Terry Garmey & Associates

Accidents are a side effect of life. They happen. If you are injured in a car accident, or if you are injured due to the negligence of someone else, you should promptly seek legal help for compensation. Unfortunately; you can’t rely on other’s driving as attentively or as carefully as you are. Road accidents have led to the death of around 40,100 people in 2017. This blog is not to be construed as legal advice and is for general use only. You should always seek advice from an attorney for legal matters.

5 Tips to Prepare for Your Personal Injury Court Case

Remember these five tips to prepare for a personal injury court case. Learning how the procedures will be handled and going over your testimony can be enormously helpful for plaintiffs who are unsure of what to expect.

Basics of Personal Injury Law | Whisler Law Firm

Help for Plaintiffs: Preparing for an Injury Court Case
Court cases can be brief, but normally, jury trials for civil cases last an average of four days, and bench trials an average of two, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. Make sure you know what to expect and try following these five tips for personal injury court cases:

  • Compile Documents – The more evidence your case comprises, the better you’’ll be able to demonstrate your situation to the courts. Beginning from the time of the injury, collect all pertinent documents regarding your case and share the information with your attorney.
  • Courtroom Procedures – It’’s prudent to familiarize yourself with trial procedures. You even may wish to go over the general courtroom layout with your attorney before your case goes to court so you know what to expect. You may be able to visit the courtroom before the trial to prepare.
  • Testimony Practice -– To be fully prepared, work with your attorney to go over sample questions and answers and to practice your testimony. This may help alleviate a lot of nervousness on the day of court.
  • Clothing Considerations -– Dress nicely, but your attorney may advise certain types or styles of clothing in some cases. Speak with your attorney about what types of clothing might be most appropriate.
  • Ask Questions -– Uncertainty breeds anxiety. If you have questions regarding your injury case or how matters will be handled in court, ask your attorney to reduce or eliminate any uncertainty you may have.

Legal Representation and Help for Plaintiffs

What is considered a personal injury case? | Birchall Blackburn Law
There are a lot of little details about courtroom procedure and personal injury cases in general, and the whole process can seem overwhelming for victims, especially when already preoccupied and dealing with injuries.

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