Why You Should Never File for Divorce Without a Lawyer

Divorce is an immense emotional undertaking, but it is also an intense legal minefield
as well. Divorce lawyers spend their careers learning the intricacies
of family law and what it takes to best represent a client and effectively
protect his or her interests. Trying to attempt this on your own might
seem alluring, given the legal costs you believe you will save, but making
this mistake can actually end up costing you more in the long run. To
simplify the process and ensure that it goes more smoothly, it is important
to reach out to an experienced legal professional. With the right representation
on your side, you can achieve the best possible outcome for your divorce,
rather than fumbling with the law.

Still not convinced? Consider the following reasons before making any decisions
regarding whether or not you should begin the divorce process without a lawyer:

  1. Divorce can be complicated: Divorce is not just about ending a marriage.
    It involves several facets such as custody issues, property and asset
    division, marital estate and support matters, prenuptial and postnuptial
    agreements, and protection from abuse litigation. Each one of these can
    carry a host of problems and emotional distress, but together, they can
    amount to an insurmountable obstacle. A lawyer can look at your situation
    with a level head and help you understand the legal system and your options.
    He or she will also be able to resolve your case through skilled negotiations
    or, if necessary, aggressive litigation, to help obtain the results you need.
  2. You are going through a high-asset divorce: Ultimately, all divorces are
    the same – you and your spouse will no longer be together at the
    end of this process. However, the path to this end is not always the same,
    especially in high-asset divorce cases. These types of cases can be exponentially
    more complex and often require an attorney with years of experience, financial
    expertise, and extensive negotiation skills. A high-asset divorce often
    involves real estate, expensive personal property, business and professional
    practices, stock options, cars and boats, jewelry, and other pricey collectibles.
    A lawyer will assess the full scope of your marital estate, enabling all
    parties to work toward a fair division of assets and debts.
  3. You are emotionally invested: It is nearly impossible for spouses to take
    a completely level-headed approach to divorce, devoid of the emotions
    that led them to the moment of separation. There is nothing wrong with
    being emotionally invested or upset. In fact, it is only natural. That
    said, it also means diving into the process of a divorce on your own,
    without legal assistance, can result in some irreversible mistakes. A
    lawyer will have the clarity and emotional stability that you are lacking
    on these personal matters. This is the time to have a professional and
    experienced individual take care of the details.
  4. Avoid delays and costly mistakes: Divorce can be a time-consuming and arduous
    process for those unfamiliar with the law. Unless you are a lawyer, the
    fact is that you will likely end up scrambling for answers while trying
    to figure out what steps to take next. Ask yourself how much your time
    is worth. Having to go through the trial and error of ending your marriage
    will only inflict more stress on your life than you area already enduring.

These missteps can also cost you. If you forget to mention medical issues,
credit card debt, or misjudge the value of an asset, this might harm you
in court. Having an attorney prepare and file the paperwork can assure
that any and all necessary information is provided, which can also speed
up the process. In the end, this is about trying to start a new life,
so why not do everything possible to move forward and put the past behind you?

  1. Lack of spousal communication: Spousal communication is often damaged or
    non-existent by the time divorce proceedings begin, making it difficult
    to move along the process in a timely manner. The cooperation and involvement
    of both spouses is necessary for a more efficient divorce and, if you
    and your soon-to-be ex are not on speaking terms, a lawyer will bridge
    those gaps and coordinate the logistics for you.

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