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What questions might I be asked during me personal injury deposition? What can I expect during my deposition?


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Welcome, I am David Ricks. I am a personal injury trial lawyer in Rancho Cucamonga and the principal of the Inland Empire Law Group. During the course of a law suit there are depositions that are often taken as to witnesses or parties. And one of the questions that we often get asked is, what is the other side going to ask me? So let’s assume that the person that I represent is involved in an auto accident, and the defense attorney’s wants to ask questions about that accident. In general here are some things that are going to be asked. They are going to ask about backgrounds, some history. For example, where you live, what type of education you have, maybe experiences that you have had with your personal health and well being to determine where your status is going into the accident. There after they are going to ask you questions about the accident. What you saw, what you heard and what you did in response to the situation, how your body moved in the accident and things of that nature. These are things that the defense wants to know so they can evaluate your truthfulness and your experience in this accident. They are also trying to find out if you contributed at all to cause of the accident. Thereafter they are going to ask questions about your injuries that you claim occurred as a result of the accident. They are going to ask things about where you are hurt, what did you feel, what evidence of your injury you had. They will ask you about your medical appointments and medical expenses and your experiences with the doctors or with chiropractors that may have treated you as a result of the accident. They are going to ask many other questions potentially about you and about your accident, your experiences and how you are feeling. And also things such as if you missed any time from work or your loss of earnings or any other claims about certain losses you may have had. Ultimately the defense attorney can ask you a very liberal number of questions or very broad scope about the things that may pertain to your accident or your claim. Before going into a deposition, you are going to make sure that you have met with attorney and spoken with him or her and made sure that you understand the nature of the questions that are going to be asked, the nature of the responses that you may have given in written discovery so that you make sure that your testimony is consistent throughout the experience and what that attorney expects out of that deposition for you. At that point your attorney will be with you at the deposition and will be able to help you to some limited degree. But you have to remember that during a deposition that attorney cannot answer those questions for you, you are pretty much on your own for that regard. Here is the best advice that I can give to anybody when they giving a deposition. Tell the truth. If you tell the truth then you are in a far better situation then if you try to cover the truth with lie. I know most people will always tell the truth. They are sworn in at a deposition. If you are ready to take your deposition make sure that you have spoken with the lawyer. You can respond to the questions appropriately and as accurately as possible.