Tips for Finding a Great Personal Injury Attorney

Worried people call our Client Care Specialists to find out what to do when they have been injured in an auto accident. Of utmost importance is getting prompt medical care to restore your health and well-being, but how do you find a personal injury attorney who will be right for you?

Once you have been medically stabilized, you can take proactive steps by keeping in mind four qualities of a great personal injury attorney. Look for one who has great client reviews, is focused on personal injury law, has industry recognition, and most importantly, the time to devote to your case. Beware of personal injury mills—law firms that take every case that comes their way in the hope of hitting the jackpot on a few, and making money on each one no matter what the outcome.

Where do I Begin?

The internet is a great place to start searching for a great personal injury lawyer because there you can find client reviews. You can search terms like “personal injury lawyer,” or “car accident lawyer,” and the name of your town. On Google’s front page, you will find reviews of local attorneys. You can also check out individual attorney websites, and lawyer ratings sites such as where you will find lawyer profiles and most importantly, client and peer reviews.

You can also watch our video to get other suggestions right now.

Often, hiring a smaller firm that takes only cases on which they can work successfully is the best way to maximize your recovery. It is a good idea to call the office of those attorneys you are considering to see how they treat you. You can request a free consultation to review your case and to get a sense of whether you will be comfortable working with the attorney.

Naturally, you will need to understand the fee schedule. Many personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee, which means that you pay them only when they recover for you. However, these fees can range anywhere from 35% to 50%. With a contingency fee arrangement, law firms make a large profit regardless of whether they do a little or a lot of work. This seems unfair.

Saile & Saile LLP offers a Client First Fee Agreement. With this payment plan, if your case settles quickly and never goes to trial, you pay less than if your case does go to court and requires more work. As an experienced personal injury lawyer and if your case meets our case acceptance guidelines, Michael L. Saile, Jr. will provide a FREE consultation to help you to determine whether you have a legal case.

Our Client Care Specialists can assist you to determine which important documents are needed to prepare your case. Call us at 215-860-5800 to get answers to your questions and to schedule an appointment.