Summer Time Personal Injury Attorney Tips and What if my Car is Totaled in New Britain

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Hey everyone, it’s Tulin Karasy the MyTV9 Star and thanks to our great friends Salomone and Morelli in New Britain Connecticut. I’m here today with some summer safety driving tips. It’s summertime and many of us are spending long hours in the car. But don’t try and multi-task. Set your GPS ahead of time, plan your rest stops and make sure your kids have enough to entertain themselves. Stay safe this summer, with these safety tips from Salomone and Morelli.

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Who determines if my car can be repaired or if it is “totaled”?
The insurance company who is liable for payment can declare that your car is totaled, which means it is not worth repairing. The company can pay you the market value for your car if the insurer decides it is a “total loss.” The fair market value of similar vehicles in your area determines the market value, as does independent sources such as the Kelley Blue Book. You must pay the salvage value to the insurance company if you wish to keep the car after it has been declared a total loss.