Squirrel Removal In Charlotte NC

Squirrels pose a very real liability for homeowners. They are extremely inquisitive and explore everything with their teeth. And then, when they find access and a suitable place, they shew a wider hole, and move inside the attic of your house, bringing their urine and feces with them.

In your attic, squirrels will explore every inch. They especially are attracted to the plastic coverings of wires and like to test those with their teeth. Chewed wires are one of the best ways to identify whether these “Tree rodents” have take over your attic.

As you can imagine, frayed and exposed wires pose a hazard. If you have a handyman in your attic and he is unaware of those wires, he can be electrocuted and injured while in the course of performing his tasks. This opens up the homeowner and his insurance company for litigation.

Additionally, un-managed squirrel damage can create access points for water leaks and can create water and mold damage. Much of this damage may never be found, or might be found so long after the damage is done that your insurance will refuse to cover it. This creates a scenario where the homeowner may spend thousands of dollars either fighting to prove that it should be covered by their insurance or invested in repairing the damage.

The trick is to be alert to your house. Once a month, walk around the outside of your house and inspect the soffit under the eaves for holes or for rubbish such as sticks or hay to be sticking out. This can indicate that an animal has invaded the house.

If you are a landlord, insist that your property management company will inspect the roof, attic, and crawlspace on a regular schedule to look for potential problems.

For animal removal in the Charlotte area, Stafford and Heafner rely on Mullis Brothers to remove squirrels for their clients.