Personal Injury Lawyer Tips | The O’Sullivan Law Firm | Personal Injury Lawyer in Denver, Colorado

Personal injury lawyer, Scott O’Sullivan, gives you tips on what to do if you are in an accident.

Scott O’Sullivan | Personal Injury Lawyer Denver, Colorado


Our firm has won 99% of the personal injury cases that we have handled over the years. We believe it is because of Scott’s experience as a former prosecutor and former insurance defense attorney.

If you’re seeking the advice of a Denver personal injury lawyer, you were probably recently harmed by someone’s negligence. Adding insult to injury, those trying to recover often face an uphill battle with huge insurance institutions whose job is to work the system in their favor — not yours. While these corporate giants can work the system, you can level the playing field with the assistance of skilled personal injury lawyers in Denver.

In the past, Scott O’Sullivan worked for the insurance industry, protecting big companies from individual claims. After witnessing how poorly insurance companies treated people whom they were supposed to be helping, he switched sides to become a Denver injury attorney focused on providing assistance to those who have been injured.

Denver personal injury lawyers specializing in one area of law, the O’Sullivan Law Firm is uniquely different from firms that “do everything,”. We expertly handle personal injury cases and consistently achieve positive results for our clients.

Scott O’Sullivan of the O’Sullivan Law Firm is a personal injury lawyer and accident attorney in Denver, CO.