Personal Injury Lawyer Tips: Talk to a Lawyer Before the Insurance Company

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If you are injured in an accident there are couple of things that you need to realize right away. First, not everyone that says they are there to help you is there to help you. Second, if you make a couple of bad decisions at the beginning it can limit the amount of money that you can receive for your injuries in the end.

We’re going to talk about one of those bad decisions in today’s Personal Injury Lawyer Tips episode: Talk to a Law Before the Insurance Company.

In this video Christopher Small of Emerald City Law Group Inc. discusses…

00:22 What usually happens when there is an accident.
00:44 Why the other person’s car insurance company will call you.
00:50 The one thing you must NEVER do.
00:53 Why it’s important not to do that one big thing.
01:19 Keep your pen in your pocket!

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