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Personal Injury Attorney in Georgia We have seen some research that has cause for real concern that most parents are not aware of. The issue is TV tip-overs. According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, TV tip-overs have increased by more than 30 percent causing over 17,000 serious injuries to children each year and several deaths.

What happens in a TV tip-over accident?

A TV tip-over is when an improperly secured TV falls over and strikes someone. It’s a growing threat to children because the newer flat screen TVs are top heavy with small bases and can be easily pulled off an entertainment center or table.

But according to the Consumer Products Safety Commission report, 3 out of 4 parents do not secure their TVs properly to a wall and most families are not even aware how important this is.

What safety precautions do parents need to take?

This is advice for everyone, but especially for parents with small children. Please check the stability of every TV in your home right away. Could a child or pet topple it? If the answer is yes, securing it to the wall is the safest solution. There are other TV anchoring solutions available as well such as straps and other devices that allow you to secure your TV to furniture.

Also make sure that the power cord is also out of your child’s reach. Kids love pulling on cords which could also cause a flat screen TV to topple over.

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