Four Tips to Help Better Understand a Glen Burnie, Maryland Injury Case in Litigation


Four Tips to Help Better Understand a Glen Burnie, Maryland Injury Case in Litigation

So your personal injury lawyer has told you settlement is not a possibility and the case is going into litigation. What does that mean? Most clients have no idea. AS a result, below we set forth 4 tips to help better understand what to expect in the litigation process.
Tip One: Complaint / Answer
The process begins with your lawyer discussing with you what to sue for. Once this is decided a Complaint is filed in the appropriate Court for a certain amount. You are the Plaintiff, the other side, which is known as the Defendant, must then file an Answer. In most instances, once the Defendant is served with the Complaint he files a general denial to the allegations.
Tip Two: Discovery / Motions
The next phase of litigation involves discovery and motions. Discovery generally consists of questions called Interrogatories that must be answered and document request for medical records, etc. Depositions where witnesses and parties giving testimony at one of the lawyers offices also occurs. Motions involve many different aspects of the law and often involve evidentiary matters. Many motion issues involve an attempt to exclude certain evidence.
Tip Three: Settlement / Mediation
Once discovery is over the parties generally can exchange in meaningful settlement negotiations. Often this is done just between the lawyers themselves. However, in some jurisdictions, the court may order the two sides to try and resolve the case before a neutral third party appointed by the Court. Many personal injury cases settle at this stage.
Tip Four: Trial
Cases that don’t settle go to trial. Your attorney should properly prepare you to testify days before the trial. If the amount sued for was ,000 or less, it will be a quick trial in front of a Judge in Glen Burnie. If the amount sued for was ,000 or more the case will be tried in front of a Jury of six people in Waldorf, Maryland.

Free Book on Tips for Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Dallas personal injury attorney Kay Van Wey explains what to look for when hiring a personal injury lawyer in her free guide for consumers: How to Select the Right Personal Injury Attorney for You. Get the free guide here:

3 Tips for a Successful Brain Injury Lawsuit

Over the past 30 plus years, personal injury attorney Richard LaGarde has successfully represented many victims of brain injuries in both Texas and Louisiana. Mr. LaGarde is board certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in both personal injury and civil trial law, a distinction achieved by less than 1/2 of 1% of Texas attorneys. In this video, Mr. LaGarde describes 3 tips for a successful brain injury lawsuit.

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Deposition Preparation Pt 3 | Personal Injury Lawyers in St Louis, MO –

Personal Injury Lawyers in St Louis, MO. Gary Burger shares tips on how to prepare for a deposition. Burger Law has recovered over million dollars in compensation for personal injury victims, and award-winning St Louis personal injury attorney, Gary Burger, has obtained well-deserved recoveries for his clients for 24 years.

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How to Hire The Right Lawyer for Your Case / Personal Injury Lawyer Chicago – 2016-17

How to Hire The Right Lawyer for Your Case / Personal Injury Lawyer Chicago – 2016-17

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Meet Philadelphia Lawyers – Legal Tips from Philadelphia Injury Lawyers – 1-800-7-LEGAL-7 – What to do if you’re in an accident?
Proving Who Was At Fault — A Good Philadelphia Lawyer should instruct you to get a police report to help determine fault, however many times the report is incomplete and could be inaccurate. Most Philadelphia lawyers know that an officer’s conclusion regarding fault is generally not admissible evidence. Therefore, it is important to do an independent investigation. and has found a Philadelphia injury lawyer that knows car accidents and what it takes to win these sometimes complicated cases. David from Rosenbaum & Associates goes on to say “we routinely hire investigators to take photographs of the car accident site and property damage as well as obtain witness statement. In more complex cases we will retain engineering experts to perform an accident reconstruction.”
If you think you have a case, call 1-800-7-LEGAL-7 and they will let you know for sure. NO FEES UNTIL WE RECOVER FOR YOU!

Five Tips on Hiring a Herndon, Virginia Injury Attorney


Five Tips on Hiring a Herndon, Virginia Injury Attorney

After an accident in Herndon, Virginia you will most certainly need to hire a lawyer. An insurance adjuster, or an attorney that tells you otherwise is simply wrong. In fact, many people who settle accident claims on their own are often sorry they did. Unfortunately, if they have already signed a release by the time they call our office, it is too late. We advise you to do the following:

1. Choose an injury lawyer who litigates cases. Insurance companies know which lawyers offer free books and videos and which lawyers battle them in the Courtroom. Portner & Shure battle. I am in Northern Virginia courts constantly and obtain top results for clients in almost every Court.

2. Choose a law firm that has experienced Paralegals. Paralegals do a lot of the heavy lifting and day to day work in many car accident cases. Our Paralegals has over so years of combined experience. That’s hard to top. It also makes it hard for experienced auto claims adjusters to get anything by a Portner & Shure Paralegal.

3. Choose a lawyer with proven experience. We obtain ten million dollars for our clients in recoveries each year. A lot of this awarded after I file suit. In fact, currently I manage a litigation group that has over 150 active cases. We average the filing of one lawsuit against an insurance carrier every working day. In other words, we are experienced fighters and obtain consistent top injury awards.

4. Choose a top rated law firm that knows the community. An independent rating company awarded us the Clients Choice Award in both 2012 and 2013. In addition, it rated the firm as very good, excellent, and superb when handling accident cases.

5. If you speak Spanish, Korean, or Chinese, choose a law firm that can really communicate with you. In personal injury cases, communication is key. If you cannot communicate how the accident affected you, your recovery will be much less. We have bi-lingual staff that speak your native language.