5 Tips Maximise Personal Injury Compensation

5 tips to maximise personal injury compensation?
If you have made a personal injury claim in Western Australia, please follow the 5 tips to get the most out of your personal injury compensation claim.
Tip 1 – get regular medical attention
A personal injury claim is scrutinised by insurers, your doctor can help you prove your case
Tip 2 – get specialist advice from a lawyer
Personal injury law is complex. If you don’t get advice, you may lose out
Tip 3 – Keep your own file
Make a file in which you keep all of your medical records
Tip 4 – After an accident happens, collect as much detail as possible
You may only have one chance to collect the information you need to make it count
Tip 5 – written medical evidence is key so pay for reports if necessary
You will usually get the costs of medical report back from the insurer at the end
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