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Aronberg, Aronberg & Green Injury Law Firm will give you the personal attention you deserve. Our firm is here to take on the responsibility of working on your case and guiding you through the process of obtaining compensation for your personal injuries and damages. Contact Us Today!

We specialize in handling personal injury cases. Since 1999 our law firm has handled only personal injury cases. We handle auto accidents, slip and falls, product liability and wrongful death cases as well as many other types of injury cases.

Our law firm is unique in that we do not want to become a “mill” injury firm. We do not want thousands of cases. We intentionally keep the number of our active cases to a minimum so that we can give all of our clients the personal attention they deserve. We do not want you to be just a number. We want you to know our staff, to talk to our staff, to visit the office as much as you like and to have a satisfying experience in a difficult time.

We also constantly keep up with the latest technology in our office systems, computers, case management system, and, most importantly, our trial presentation technologies. We want our office to be efficient and technologically advanced so that we use our time wisely. When our office is working at maximum efficiency that means we are also working on your case as best as possible. Additionally, if your case goes to a jury trial, we feel that an efficient and technologically advanced presentation of your case to the jury will produce the best results possible. Feel free to stop by our main office in Delray Beach, Florida to see how we work and the technology that we employ on a daily basis.

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