15 Tips for Giving a Great Deposition | Personal Injury Claims Explained

Here are 15 tips for giving food deposition:
1. Re-read your answers before your deposition.
2. Think carefully about your injuries and their effect on your life.
3. Prepare a list of all healthcare professionals you have seen.
4. Speak with your attorney about your loss of income.
5. Draw a diagram of your accident scene.
6. Dress and act like you are being interviewed.
7. Answer each question truthfully.
8. Stay calm.
9. Neither understate nor exaggerate your injuries.
10. If you do not remember, say so.
11. Never interrupt the defense attorney.
12. Correct assumptions before answering questions.
13. If your answer is paraphrased inaccurately, say so.
14. Never guess.
15. Be candid when asked about prior injuries.